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12 November, 2010

Poetry Bus: Blinds Open

This week's Poetry Bus has Karen as its inspirational driver. Our challenge is as follows:
Write about one of the following:
(1) a time you had to choose between two clearly divergent paths

(2) a time you were called to walk a  path you didn't choose for yourself
(3) a time you refused to travel the path you were called to follow.  
I've chosen to write about a situation that caused me to make a decision. It all began with the closing of blinds to shield my eyes from the setting sun. 
Photo from Google Images
Blinds Open 
A blinding
moves her
to close the blind
shielding her
from the intensity.

the hour of dusk
with a creative verve
releasing brilliance.

a beam expands
that cannot blind
for memory
sustains the weakest eye.

Jeanne I. Lakatos  2010


  1. Hi Jeanne, I understand the first stanza, kind of get the second, and then the third leaves me puzzled. And I'm trying to link it all to Robert Frost! (apologies - pretty dim at times)

  2. ... 'for memory sustains the weakest eye' ~ my favorite line.

  3. Gorgeous language and imagery, Jeanne.

  4. Oh Peter! Think Robert Frost the naturalist.

    Thanks, Helen. It's my favorite line, too.

    Thanks, Karen. Wonderful prompt.

  5. Great images here, Jeanne. Love the path with the blinding light and the idea of weak sight sustaining memmory. Muchly enjoyed.

  6. I have the sun in my eyes at work - & can't reach the blinds to get it out of my eyes. But even if I could I'm sure that the sun-memory would go on for quite some time!

  7. Thank you, Liz, for your kind words.

    Dana, so funny! Maybe it's time to notify maintenance? ; )

  8. I'm totally intrigued. I'd love to know what the next step was. Loved the hour of dusk, palpitating.


  9. Thank you, Kat. That hour of dusk is always intriguing for me. The next step moved me ever closer to self actualization and ultimately, to the Ph.D. dissertation.

  10. for memory sustains the weakest eye, is my favourite line too, a very moving poem.

  11. I finished this vision with you wanting intensely to know what HAPPENED. Thanks for the tidbit above re the Ph.D.

  12. P.S. What a photo on your header! You rich woman!

  13. Thanks so much, Socks!

    Thank you, Chris! Sometimes, I'm amazed at the beauty that seems to be around every corner here in Connecticut. Surely, you see it, too, out there in CA. My sister just returned to her home in Atlanta from a trip to the Badlands of South Dakota. We commented on the phenomenal beauty of this country.

  14. simply perfect, both on image choice and poem writing.
    keep it up.

  15. Thank you, JP, and thanks for dropping by.

  16. Lovely work Jeanne and I really like the last enigmatic stanza !

  17. Thank you, TFE. Enigmatic, eh? hmmmm....

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