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15 January, 2011

Poetry Bus: Inspiration

This week's Poetry Bus has none other than the amazing TFE himself as its driver. Happy Birthday, TFE! He has asked us to sit quietly and breathe. Ah! A task I can handle! Below is my ticket poem and a wonderful painting entitled, Sophia, by Alex Grey. (Also, I have another PB ticket poem with the same title on my other blog HERE.) 

Painting entitled 'Sophia' by Alex Grey from Google Images
With each cleansing breath 
she inhales 
aroma of the glow 
toxic confusion
purity of heart and mind
the respiration move 
through her body.
Through her brain
each thought
to exotic rhythms 
as her dream
from ache to inspiration.

Jeanne I. Lakatos  2011


  1. I like this one a lot - inspiration really does feel like this sometimes - a whole body experience.

  2. from ache to inspiration, brilliant last line!

  3. Dana: Thank you. Indeed, it does.
    Rachel: Indeed it is. Alex Grey is an amazing artist.
    Socks: Thank you!

  4. Words evoking a feeling of relaxation mixed with euphoria ... most pleasing.

  5. 'evolves from ache to inspiration'
    I love it! Soul food indeed....

  6. Nice! so you know now, how close pain and joy are!

  7. Yes, have to echo the admiration for your final line there, nicely captured

  8. yes, the last line is a beauty, some lovely work here, Jeanne.

  9. Helen: Glad you were inspired!
    Jules: Welcome and thank you. Yes, soul food, but not as savory as collard greens. ; )
    Izzy: Thanks, and yes, have had many opportunities to see that correlation.
    Niamh: Thank you, Niamh!
    Kate: Hopefully, it hits in the good way.
    TFE: Thank you, TFE. Happy Birthday!

  10. "from ache to inspiration" -- wonderful line. The whole poem reflects serenity.

  11. Must echo everyone's comment on "ache to inspiration" - a truly inspired line itself!


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