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09 May, 2011

Poetry Jam: Season of Birth

Well, if this isn't a perfect example of synchronicity! This past weekend, in honor of Mother's Day, I had posted the poem below, once written for my mother, Pearl. Also, I added a poem for my grandmother.  Not too many folks visit this blog, so I decided to place the poems in storage with many of my other pathetic attempts at poetry. Anyway, I just discovered that the Poetry Jam has been stirring this weekend, and of all topics, Ms. Vick has chosen "Birthday." What a coincidence! Here, I had this posted all day on Sunday, Mother's Day! Enjoy! Oh, and if you get the chance, check out my little posting on Dante's Paradiso just below the Jam.

Season of Birth
The sun bestows a benevolent glow.
Sweet harmonies 
fill feathered hearts
while a glistening Pearl drop of dew
the rose's brow.
A breeze dances softly
through the trees,
gathering wisps of life,
and soon the world is awake and moist
with the birth of another day. 

Jeanne I. Lakatos


  1. Very effective as most simple poems often are. No idea what you're talking about 'pathetic'. You're one of the more accomplished poets I know.

  2. Beautifully done. I enjoyed the Dante too.

  3. Reading this actually gives me hope for the future of mankind ....

  4. what's this about pathetic poems?... methinketh not, this is beautiful!

  5. Thank you, Peter. You're very kind.

    Thanks, Titus. Fascinating story-telling during the 13th-14th centuries!

    Thank you, Helen... and womankind, too, I hope. ;)

    Very kind, Vick, thank you. Great idea for the birth of a new venue... Now who stole that antler mirror?

  6. You make every day a birthday . . and none of them are pathetic.

  7. Thank you, Doc! You just made my day. :)

  8. Thanks Doc! You just made my day!


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