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23 June, 2011

Poetry Jam: The Song-An Amhran

For this week's Poetry Jam, Brian Miller has asked us to write a poem that has somehow been linked with a song. I've chosen to post a small poem that I wrote having taken a few Irish Gaeilge classes. I'm still not sure if the grammar is correct, but I think you'll get the idea anyway. I took the photograph just as I was leaving a conference at NUI Galway. I didn't know just how gorgeous the beach was until I was on my way out of town and passed this view heading out to Sligo. 

I took this photo of Galway Beach, Ireland, June, 2009

The Song                                          An Amhran

On the wind, the song sails               Ar na gaoth, an amhran ag sceoladh 
to another who will hear                   do an eile an té cloistrail
the sweet language that blesses.        an teanga binn ag beannú.
Gathering the creed of beauty,         Ag bailigh an creid d' álainn,
the song is forever,                          ta se an amhran go deo, 
sweet and praising.                          milis agus ag moladh.

By Jeanne I. Lakatos   2008              Á Siobhán I. Glasadóir   2008


  1. sorry i am late in getting here...been out of town...

    a song on the wind...songs have such a way to touch the soul for sure...that our songs could lift another is a high aspiration...i like how you went bilingual with it as well

  2. Dear Jeanne: This song is so beautiful! May I hear it played? In the Gaeilge! Just asking Michael Farry from Ireland how different are the region accents in Ireland? Are the various accents difficult to understand? Is there an "International Gaeilge" and then regional variations? "Gathering the creed of beauty). Lovely picture!

  3. Thank you, Brian. Whenever the wind moves in a way that allows me to hear it, I often wonder if there are thoughts riding those airy waves, and somehow I have been blessed to hear them.

    Jane, Have you been reading my mind? I was just thinking about placing these words to music with my harp accompaniment. As soon as I do that, I'll try to post it here. Thank you for your kind words!

  4. Oh... Yes, there are several Irish dialects, such as Ulster, Connemara, etc. Once I took a Facebook quiz to determine which one I use, and it revealed I use a Connemara dialect. Well, not sure how reliable those FB quizzes are. You can learn about the language and muinteoirs (teachers) near you at:

  5. Your poem is lovely, mystical, haunting.

  6. and I bet it's damned good, too! Blessings.

  7. Short and sweet ~

    Nice to meet you!

  8. This is lovely, Jeanne Iris. I'll be in Ireland for the first time next month, and I'll think of this and your beautiful photo as I travel through Sligo.

  9. Helen: Thank you so much! I'll try to keep those qualities in mind as I work on the melody.
    Dave: Thank you!
    Heaven: What a lovely name! Thanks for dropping by. Good to meet you, too.
    Karen: Thank you! In your honor, I'll place a photo in the header of Sligo that I took whilst traveling from Galway to Sligo to Dublin. :)

  10. Hi Prof, straight out of the pages of Celtic folklore, haunting and mystical and I've no idea about your grammar neither.

  11. Sigh - lovely. I love the idea of the wind carrying ideas to us across the sea...

  12. this was beautiful - would love to hear you this would sound

  13. Aw Peter, I was counting on you! Well, I'll just assume it's written in perfect Irish. :) Thank you for your kind thoughts.

    Dana, It is a lovely thought, isn't it? Standing on the edge of the Atlantic, no matter which side I'm on, always makes me think of who might be on the opposite shore, and pondering what they might be thinking. Thank you for your kindness.

  14. Thank you, Claudia. I'm working on the melody and will post it as soon as I decide which way to go.


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