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20 July, 2011

Apple Trees

These two poetic statements allude to the Adam and Eve story. 
They were written to bring awareness of a feminine perspective. 

Apple Trees by Olbinski

Muck and mire:
Source of life
truest milk coagulates
to form original temptation.

Little men who have bitten
the fruit of the Tree
it’s simply words,
it on a few Voices of Eve.

Feminine sources
of life- soul- strife,
open your breasts
to express
the mellifluous flow
of Divinest Truth

© Jeanne I. Lakatos

Fallen Apple*

I am the fallen apple.
Ripe with ardor,
I drop from provisional support
and roll into fertile mire
of fecundity, ignominy.
I’ll not rot in isolation. 

© Jeanne I. Lakatos

* You can read a post about this poem, iconic realism and hear Billie Holiday sing Strange Fruit on my other blog HERE.


  1. So loved these...

    "... I'll not rot in isolation." Wow!

    Another "woman" theme... ha ah.

  2. Thanks a million, Mama Zen and Margaret! Thank you for dropping by.

  3. I remember that second poem. I would not want to get in that apple's way!

  4. LOL Dana. Yeah, It's my fave! I wrote it after a series of hmmm... I'll put this lightly.... interesting events. Yep, that apple has chutzpah, for sure. ;)

  5. I like that haiku ..I am trying the form myself.

    As to the apple and temptation, i love the title and these lines:

    Fallen Apple*
    I am the fallen apple.
    Ripe with ardor,

  6. wow you went everywhere with this one...i really like the first as it feels a call to action...that and i am trying to get rid of poison ivy right now...

  7. Excellent words - very impressed.

    Anna :o]


  8. Thank you, Heaven. Sometimes, I think in haiku! :) Yes, this Fallen Apple poem is one of my faves.

    Brian, thanks. Yep, it was a definite call to action. Thank you for seeing that. Ugh! Between poison ivy and mosquito bites, I'm ready for Fall. Both are under control with me at this writing, though. Whew!

    Thank you so much, Anna! I'll be visiting other sites as soon as I make a little more progress with my dissertation. Soon!


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