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14 November, 2011

Poetry Jam: Still Life

This week's Poetry Jam has asked us to write about a Still Life. Well, I've had my Still Life posted on this blog for over a year, and I just 'remodeled' and decided to remove it. Making its reappearance, I present to you my Circular Still Life, a gathering of objects found in my office, some of which are souvenirs of Dublin. The complete collection consists of my lovely fern, a "That was Easy" button from Staples, a coaster from Connemara, an empty bottle that once held Tipperary water, a de-stress ball in the shape of a globe, and a few extra pretzels tossed in for flavor. ; ) 

Circular Still Life 
by Jeanne I. Lakatos

Circular Still Life Haiku
Through simplicity
circularity's presence
gathers the spirit. 

Jeanne I. Lakatos  2011


  1. I like that. I've read it a few times now. Everything is in flux, it's true.

  2. Yes, Jessica! "That was easy!" ; )
    (Jessica, do you have a Staples office supply store near you? If you don't, then my response will probably make no sense at all to you.)

  3. Very nice. I love both your still life photo and your poem!

  4. nice...it is like a breath to be pondered...esp that second line...

  5. Stellar haiku! Circle of life indeed ....

  6. Mary, Thank you!
    Brian, Thanks. Pondering, yes...
    Thank you, Helen.


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