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18 October, 2009

Monday Poetry Respite

This week, we had a choice of viewing the Irish film, Garage, or reading the poem, "Lady Lazarus" by Sylvia Plath. Since it was virtually impossible for us 'Yanks' to get ahold of the film, I went with the poem as inspiration for this week's poetic adventure. I saw Plath's poem as one dealing with the human quality of arrogance and how it tends to kill one's spirit...had a bit of experience with that this week. Ah, but we really can rise from those ashes through the counter human conceits of resilience and self-confidence. 

Teas in éineacht le Tart

(Heat in company with Thirst)

Do come, oh duplicitous ones.
Sit a spell at my table.
Drink from my cup
of tea or wine, blood or tears.
Which is your passion?
I wish only for your relief
as you have wished for me.

Perhaps, my cordial demeanor
mystifies, and I should be meaner.
You’d expect that, wouldn't you? 
But here am I, Phoenix,
rising from your ashes while you,
hiding behind feathered limb,
suffocate from the vacuum.

Observe! My wings flutter 
with a flow of fine conceit,
while your fanned flames abate
from lack of impetus.
Drink up, then, and taste
this elixir of your own
mind your manners now.

Jeanne I. Lakatos  © 2009


  1. I think this is your best poem Jeanne.It's really good. I like that she rises from OUR ashes and this is a great line...

    'Observe! My wings flutter
    with a flow of fine conceit,
    while your fanned flames abate
    from lack of impetus.'

    You really nail the reader/poet with her voice.And I love the quirky curious almost benign ,yet laced with submerged menace, caveat at the end..

    this elixir of your own
    mind your manners now'

    Great stuff, tanxz ye!

  2. Hey TFE! You saw all that in this li'l poem? Thank ye for saying such lovely thoughts and visiting my shiny new blog.

  3. I especially like that unexpected little twist at the end! Nice piece.

  4. Thank you, Willow! And I enjoyed dropping by your delightful Ball last week...such a creative idea!

  5. Oh, yes, I like it. Especially minding your manners, a snap end brooking no commentary

  6. Thanks so much, NanU! And thank you for dropping by the new blog. I appreciate it.

  7. Elegantly written. Claver too. I'll be back.

  8. Thank you, kindly, Shug! I look forward to hearing from you, then.


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