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27 January, 2010

Beoufed Up

Soooo happy that TFE has resumed the poetry bus extravaganza! 
This week, however, we're posting in honor of Nuala Ni Chonchuir's 
wonderful book, "Portrait of an Artist with a Red Car." Well, I do actually
drive a red Jeep Liberty, which I have named, Cherries Jubilee, so this
week's dedication is close to my heart. 

Below is a poem I wrote a while ago after passing a farm and seeing 
the cows getting loaded onto a red cattle van. I was amazed to see the 
reaction of the cows across the street in the lower pasture, obviously 
distraught. As it turned out, the cows were only on their way to their
annual check up. Whew!!!

Beoufed Up

Brown cows loaded
into a red cattle van
One last bellow
to spare their ribs
Black cow shouts out
from the lower pasture
"Don't worry, Girlfriend!
I'll meat you on the other side."

This week, the 'girls' will be on the menu:
Porterhouse, Sirloin, Filet Mignon
"Medium Rare, au jus on the side, please."

I wonder,
as the restaurant patrons
pass the emptied pasture
in beefed up red sports cars
with their beoufed up selves,
will there be a longing?

Jeanne I. Lakatos 2010