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23 April, 2011

Poetry Bus: Overflowing

This week's Poetry Bus once again has Ms. Nanu as its driver. Our task this Easter weekend is to consider the concept of "excess, going over the top." Since this particular weekend involves my singing in the choir for Masses and services from Wednesday through Sunday, I spend many moments in quiet contemplation, thus causing my mind to fill to excess. Therefore, I've written a brief poem about consciousness with another great painting by Alex Grey to illustrate:
Between lyrics and dynamics
a dimension unfolds 
wherein my consciousness 
dwells - interprets 
language and intonation
of body and soul
one overflowing into the other
they- it- I
conflict - confide- coalesce
in conscious renewal.

Jeanne I. Lakatos  2011


  1. I love the last...
    'conflict - confide- coalesce
    in conscious renewal.'
    If that isn't a realistically joyous Easter message/ blessing then I'll eat my Easter egg!
    Intriguing image reminds me of a peacock and I love your header. Happy Easter Prof!

  2. Thank you, Peadar! Happy Easter to you and yours, too!
    Last Wednesday, Stephen James Smith visited with my classes at W.C.S.U. He recited his poem, "Sunset," a few times. In the p.m. the rain had cleared and we ended up with this glorious sunset, but he had already taken the train back to New York City. It reminded me so much of his wonderful poem.

  3. I agree with Peadar, so I'll just say how beautiful these all are!

  4. Me three! I love how cerebral this is - I so often don't get the emotion of Easter (pretty strong "T" on the Myers-Briggs) but I do have this same discussion in my head which often leads me to the same place as my weeping neighbor in the pew.

  5. Your poem embodies everything music should produce in us .... lovely.

  6. Thank you so much, Karen!

    Thanks, Dana. Yes, this time of year provides us with a lovely opportunity to re-evaluate our personal journeys, doesn't it?

    Thank you for your kind words, Helen!

  7. "A dimension unfolds" - like a 'Tesserac'!
    shortcut from one edge/end of the galaxy to the other- cool...

  8. Yes, izzy! As the folds of our brain 'unfold' to reveal a universe without constraints. Thank you for stopping by.

  9. What a mind trip you took me on. Some music passes the blood/brain barrier and makes my heart sing with it. That's what I heard here. The image is amazing.

  10. Why thank you, Chris. Glad you enjoyed the trip! Oh yes, I just love Alex Grey's work.

  11. I don't really understand it (sorry, bit of a cerebral thickie) but I love the sounds of those delicious words as they roll into each other.

  12. Peadar, I suppose you must have eaten that Easter egg by now, for my poetry has very little merit at all... as you have proven so 'wisely.'


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