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01 May, 2011


Southern U.S. tornado image from Google images

Birmingham, Alabama, after the tornado
photo from Google images

This past week, a line of EF level 5 tornadoes ripped through 6 southern states, demolishing homes, businesses and cities, killing 350 people, and leaving thousands homeless. Since many of these businesses were in small towns, many people are now without homes, members of their families, neighbors and employment. Included in this tornado path was the University of Alabama. In some cases, entire towns were leveled.

What is amazing is that shelters set up for the victims of this natural disaster are virtually empty because neighbors are taking in the newly homeless. Not only that, a bold effort is taking place to engage actively in rebuilding the businesses and homes. Love... is what it's all about.

Tornado season has just begun in the southern United States. If you would like to donate $10.00 to the Red Cross to help, please text REDCROSS to 90999. 

Thank you! 
~ Jeanne 


  1. A good and loving post, Jeanne. I don't know how to text on my pay-as-you-go cellphone (!) - but I donated to Red Cross this week and will certainly give more in the weeks/months ahead. Also, I am hoping to find out where we can send clothes because I am sure they are needed. If I give to my local Goodwill I do not think my donation of clothing (or towels, sundries, whatever...) will be shipped to the areas of the U.S. where they are needed desperately right now. If you or any of your readers know more about this please comment.

  2. Lydia, I believe that the major networks (NBC.com, ABC.com, CBS.com, CNN.com) have places listed on their websites for various forms of donations. Also, most churches and synagogues will most likely have deposit sites. You might want to check with your local places of worship.
    Thank you for your sincere interest in helping.


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