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15 May, 2011

Poetry Jam: Thunder and Lightning

This week's Poetry Jam challenge is to consider the terms, thunder and lightning. And below, I have done so. Hopefully this week, I will be able to get to many of your blogs since I have a little breathing room... at last! I dedicate this to the dear folks along the Mississippi River and in America's Southland, who have been suffering through one of the worst Spring storm and flood seasons in recorded history. 

I took this photo of lightning last summer in Danbury, Connecticut.

Thunder and Lightning
An enlightened moment
of photon intensity
blinds the eye
and elicits the waiting
for thunderous rumble
that rattles a frame;
its invisible command
churns, collides, erupts.
Hellish and healing,
emptied tears
cross a parched terrain:

Jeanne I. Lakatos  2011


  1. Your poem is full of the energy thunder and lightning produce .... I can feel it.

  2. I always do that counting thing to see how close the storm is to us. It has been a scary thing to watch. And it's true that storms can be both hellish and healing.

  3. "Thunderous rumble that rattles the frame"... Loved the swing!

  4. The photo is incredible and such a good match for the poem. I also like the way it flows into tears and tears to flood...

  5. Helen: Thank you so much!
    Dana: I had originally written in the counting part, but removed it. Yes, It's "One locomotive, two locomotive..."
    Jinksy: Didn't realize this one had a swing to it. As a music lover, I guess it dances in. ;)
    B & B: Thank you for dropping by. We had wicked thunderstorm last year, and I told myself, "This time, I'm going to capture the lightning!" It was a challenge, for sure! Thank you!

  6. "Hellish and healing" is a fine turn of phrase. Your language mimics the urgency of a thunderstorm. Nice work, Jeanne.

  7. Thank you, Chris. Nothing like a Georgia thunderstorm to mimic urgency!
    (I lived in Atlanta for 12 years.)

  8. Too much of a good thing leads to disaster. I am so sorry for the people losing their homes in the floods.

  9. True, Jabblog. A terrible situation, indeed! Thanks for dropping by.

  10. "emptied tears cross a parched terrain"
    I really like that personification.

  11. Thank you, M.A.S. and thanks for dropping by.


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