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26 February, 2010

Sepia Saturday: Ana de Mendoza, Princess Eboli from Verdi's "Don Carlo"

This past week, I had to remove my right contact lens for a day and replace it with an eye patch. A colleague passed by my office and made a comment about Verdi's opera, Don Carlo whose character, Princess Eboli, dons an eye patch. (Too bad she shares her title with a fatal bacteria.) This colleague is also the chairman of our World Languages and Literature Department, so of course, she provided me with some wonderful sites to support her statement. When I viewed these videos, I thought this would make a great 'Sepia Saturday' contribution! I hope you enjoy them...

Information on Ana de Mendoza, Princess of Eboli:,_Princess_of_%C3%89boli

Videos of opera: CA&feature=related


  1. We were just chuckling this week at the manor about the guy at Holly Golightly's famous party in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" who wears an eye patch for the embience. He lifts it up when he wants to make a point, in his conversation.

    LOVE-love opera, btw. Hope you're eye's okay.

  2. Hope the eye's okay! Great links. Thanks.

  3. Willow, Ha... yes, when I need to use the patch, I usually threaten to reveal what's underneath to anyone who may be thinking about antagonizing me... Actually, it can be fun sporting that patch. I get a good share of pirate comments... Arrrrrgh!

    Karen, Glad you enjoyed these. Yes, the eye is much better. Thank you!

  4. A historical character I knew nothing about--interesting! Glad to hear your eye is better.

  5. Thanks, John! I have to admit that I didn't know of her either until my colleague mentioned her name and the opera. Oh, btw, if you live near Boise State Univ. or Idaho State Univ., you can check out my book in either of those libraries. : )

    Thank you for dropping by!


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