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Welcome! A few years ago, I discovered an application that artists employ in their works to bring cultural awareness to their audiences. Having discerned this semiotic theory that applies to literature, music, art, film, and the media, I have devoted the blog, "Theory of Iconic Realism" to explore this theory. The link to the publisher of my book is below. If you or your university would like a copy of this book for your library or if you would like to review it for a scholarly journal, please contact the Edwin Mellen Press at the link listed below. Looking forward to hearing from you!

20 July, 2011

Apple Trees

These two poetic statements allude to the Adam and Eve story. 
They were written to bring awareness of a feminine perspective. 

Apple Trees by Olbinski

Muck and mire:
Source of life
truest milk coagulates
to form original temptation.

Little men who have bitten
the fruit of the Tree
it’s simply words,
it on a few Voices of Eve.

Feminine sources
of life- soul- strife,
open your breasts
to express
the mellifluous flow
of Divinest Truth

© Jeanne I. Lakatos

Fallen Apple*

I am the fallen apple.
Ripe with ardor,
I drop from provisional support
and roll into fertile mire
of fecundity, ignominy.
I’ll not rot in isolation. 

© Jeanne I. Lakatos

* You can read a post about this poem, iconic realism and hear Billie Holiday sing Strange Fruit on my other blog HERE.

16 July, 2011

Poetry Jam: Upon Reading Philosophy Late at Night

This week's Poetry Jam has Jessica cooking up some fascinating prompts. I've chosen the first one because I've been up late at night recently, researching and writing my dissertation. Below is my contribution to this week's jam pot: 

Photo taken from my deck one night

Upon Reading Philosophy Late at Night
He stimulates her
with cerebral massage.
Inhaling - exhaling,
his ancient, whispering breath
intellectually touches
gently caresses, stirs.
Opening her mind wide
with vigorous contemplation,
she welcomes his
point of view.

Jeanne I. Lakatos  2011

07 July, 2011

Poetry Jam: New Challenge for 11 July!

The GREAT Derek Jeter
Photo from Google Images

Poetry Jam for 11 July BE A SPORT!

Sorry, I'm a little late. See, I was watching the Yankee game, waiting for my favorite player, Derek Jeter, to make his 3,000th career hit. He didn't in this game, but he's at number 2,998... That was on Thursday. On Saturday, 09 June, he batted 5 for 5, which took his number to 3003! Not only did Mr. Jeter hit the 3,000th in Yankee Stadium, but it was a home run. Then, he went on to win the game with one of his amazing hits. Well done, Derek! Now, about our weekly poetry challenge. Hmmm....
Okay, here goes.... Let's think about our favorite summer sport and write a brilliant poem about it. It could be ANY sport, at any time of your life...whatever floats your boat. Let's bring this Jam to a full boil, ladies and gents! It's ♫summertime, and the livin' is easy.'♪♬

Now, I'll cross my fingers, make a wish and hope this challenge gets posted on the Poetry Jaam's page.

Meanwhile, here's my poem about tubin':

Tubin' down the Chattahoochee River
Photo from Google Images
Tubin' Down the River
The Chattahoochee cool as she can be
on this hot, Georgia summer day.
Oh my! I'm just dripping with sweat!
Now, he had it down to a science:
park the car up ahead with the beer hidden
under some rocks, cold river water chillin'
those cans of Bud. "This one's for you!"
(The inner tube, that is)
I ride with the love of my life to a good
spot north of the beer, then we settle our bums
in the center of those tubes
cold...Cold...COLD! but oh, so fun!
The current carries us passed the others,
but we're focused: he on me, I on him.
Grasping hands, we catch a few kisses.
His lips warm me through to my icy bottom.
We reach the end, only to discover
someone stole our beer! Sheeee-iiitt!
But it's all okay,
because that day, we stole, too,
each other's heart, that is.

Jeanne I. Lakatos  2011

Chattahoochee River, Atlanta, Georgia
Photo from Google Images