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16 July, 2011

Poetry Jam: Upon Reading Philosophy Late at Night

This week's Poetry Jam has Jessica cooking up some fascinating prompts. I've chosen the first one because I've been up late at night recently, researching and writing my dissertation. Below is my contribution to this week's jam pot: 

Photo taken from my deck one night

Upon Reading Philosophy Late at Night
He stimulates her
with cerebral massage.
Inhaling - exhaling,
his ancient, whispering breath
intellectually touches
gently caresses, stirs.
Opening her mind wide
with vigorous contemplation,
she welcomes his
point of view.

Jeanne I. Lakatos  2011


  1. Well this is sensual feast!

  2. It's sensual alright. I never thought of philosophy as cerebral massage. What a cool image! Your verification word is "alsogica" which sounds as if it comes from Plato.

  3. A nice stimulating read indeed.

    Lovely share ~

  4. OOOOOOOHHHHH ... I love where you took us with this!

  5. Thank you, Dana!
    Lucy, Thanks, and yes, that vw would make a great subject of a poem, wouldn't it?
    Thanks, Heaven!
    Helen... Thanks! :)

  6. ha love the subtle sensualness of this...i think when one can stimulate the mind one is much further along than just the body...

  7. Thanks, Brian. True, all sensory stimulation travels through the neural channels.

  8. love the greenness in your blog.
    your poetry is divine.

  9. Greetings:

    Welcome sharing your poetry with us today.

    Poems that are old but need more attention, poems related to nature and life are welcome.

    Keep up the excellence.
    Hope to see you linked in and share.


  10. Thank you, Jingle, for your kind words. God bless!


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