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12 October, 2011

Poetry Jam: Georgia June Bugs

I had to remove the photo of the June Bug. It just gave me the creeps.

This week, for the the Poetry Jam, Chris has provided us with a set of words from which we are to write a poem. After pondering the word bank, my mind immediately went to a memory of one laundry night, years ago, when I lived in Atlanta, Georgia. If you have never encountered a Georgia June bug, well, let me tell you... you are fortunate indeed. The darn things are about two inches long and click and sputter around lights at night all summer long. ugh! ugh! (worth 2 ughs!) Anyway, here's the poem:

Word bank: laundry, laugh, edges, ghost, beer

Attack of the Georgia June Bugs
Snugly against my right hip,
I carry laundry, clean and folded,
in a wicker basket
on a hot, southern night.
Georgia June bugs
circle above my head.
Diving to and fro, their wings roar
like ghosts of B-52 bombers.
I run to escape their clicking laughs;
laundry jostles
over the edges of the basket.
I swoop down quickly
to retrieve escaping bras and panties
before anyone sees me
or those bugs get nearer.
“Don’t you dare fly into my hair!”
Ah, at last, I’m inside my apartment.
Only one goal: to chug a cold beer.

Jeanne I. Lakatos  2011


  1. Well done!!! Very impressive, your poem AND the June Bugs description. (I lived in the Atlanta for one year.)

  2. Thank you, Helen. One year is long enough to be acquainted with those bugs. Oh yes!

  3. so well put together...I wish I knew what june bugs are? Great!

  4. That made me smile - poor Jeanne!

  5. Of course.. escape from the bugs and the heat.. and have a beer ~

    Enjoyed this ~

  6. Chris: Amen to that!
    Gerry: I placed a photo up just for you!
    Dana: Glad to bring up your gorgeous smile.
    Cuckoo Clock: Thank you!
    Heaven: Thank you. Yes indeed a great escape!

  7. My sister lives in Canton Georgia. I know well the buggers. Wonderful use of the prompt words. Loved this.


  8. Canton, Georgia! Small world indeed! Yep, those big buggers are all over the Peach State. (I'm glad the one above us is stuck in that photo square, though.) Thank you, Melanie.

  9. Love the image of the B52s. They sound adorable little critturs...


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