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09 January, 2011

Poetry Bus: Bluebird

This week, TFE's Poetry Bus  has Kate the Emerging Writer as its driver. She has provided us with three excellent prompts, and I've chosen to apply my own version of l'esprit d'escalier for Prompt III and a little of Prompt II, too, so I guess this is a combo plate. For those unfamiliar with bluebirds, they are the most beautiful little birds on the planet. Below, I've included a lovely photo of one for your viewing pleasure.

Photo by Isidor Jeklin
Letting the pen fall,
she sighed into a dream.
There, her responses
were perfectly timed
and no one left the room
She was strong, efficient.
Perseverance was her game.
Not one soul
would even consider
challenging her decisions.
They wouldn’t dare.

A bluebird awakened her.
So small, beautiful
iridescent blue
and sweetly chirping,
suddenly, it darted past her
and again in the other direction.
Soon, she saw a pair of wings
much larger, bolder.
That bird flew high and away.
The bluebird perched
on a limb of the maple tree,
panting, confident,

Jeanne I. Lakatos 2011


  1. That's lovely Jeanne. We can all dream

  2. I have had that dream many times, but not too many bluebirds I'm afraid, although other nearly as beautiful birds.

  3. Beautiful! I love how you made this prompt your own.

  4. aw, such a sweet image of the little bird at the end there, panting, dreaming and confident.

  5. Your poem reminded of the little bluebirds in Disney's Cinderella ... so sweet!!!

  6. I like this Jeanne, it's enigmatic, dreamy,just out of reach, like a bluebird.

  7. I'm much more witty in dreams too - I really wish I could remember all those lovely words when I wake up.

  8. Kate: Thank you! Great prompts!
    Socks: That those birds were confident in the end, is all that matters.
    Karen: Thank you! I do my best. ; ) Any snow your way?
    Niamh: Yeah, I just love those little creatures.
    Helen: My favorite part of that film! Thanks.
    TFE: You got it! That's why you're our leader, right? Thanks.
    Dana: Oh yeah, me, too!

  9. Dear Jeanne,
    Yes, it makes me think of the mark we are supposed to be in the world as opposed to what we truly find memorable.

    Ann T.

  10. Insightful, Ann. I like your thinking!

  11. very impressed here.
    well penned.

  12. Of all the poets I visit, Jeanne Iris, you are the one whose spirituality shines through—exemplifying an affinity with nature and the beauty of creation.
    My dad had a book years ago called, "The Splendour of Iridescence" and I think your work always falls into that category.


  13. Thank you, Kat, for your very kind and elevating words. I'll look up that book, for it does sound like it aligns with my consciousness. Writing of any kind is an excellent vehicle to coalesce mind and spirit.

  14. This is so lovely! It just captures the essence of the scene so well, you know? Love this.


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